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Gentlemen's Care

The secret is out now but it's been around for centuries. Men can have self -care. Taking care of oneself is one step forward to living a healthy and abundant life - one that you can say you lived to the fullest. Taking time for yourself and rejuvenate yourself through small favors you pay towards your whole self.

It looks like more guys are comfortable buying products for themselves and personal care can be convenience and relaxing, rather than a chore here at INARI Salon and Spa. There is also a rise in male influencers that are telling men that it’s okay to focus on their own well-being or self-care. Now that there is also a shift in how we view manhood and masculinity this millennial, a gentler-man is no more or less than the next gentlemen when they are aware of themselves and self-image.

Beards are also back in, which gives many of our male clients a reason to look into maintaining and enhancing their grooming routines. This indicates that men—particularly young men—are aware of their needs more than ever before. Our team at INARI Salon and Spa is ready to introduce you to a range of services and products to help bring the gentler-man out of you.


You can add any of these services to your usual services or call now to book your specialize custom treatment.

Beard Trim | $25

Hair and Scalp Massage | $15 Gentlemen's Mani-Pedi | $65

Gentlemen's Facial | $150

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