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Which Type of Extensions is Right For You

There are so many different types of hair extensions, it can be intimidating to pick one. We are going to break it down into pros, cons, budget, and where we source our extensions for you no matter what type you end up choosing.

First, you should decide is this something short term or long term you're willing to invest in. This will narrow down which types of hair extensions are available for you. This is followed by a consultation with an experience stylist to determine if you're a good candidate for hair extensions.

Short Term Hair Extensions

  • Tape-Ins Hair Extensions

  • Beaded/Non-Beaded Hair Extensions

  • Head-Tied Hair Extensions

  • Toppers

  • Clip-Ins

Out of these selections, Tape-Ins, Beaded, Hand-ied, and Toppers need to be professionally installed. You can typically wear these for 4-6 weeks at a time before you need to come in for an adjustment. These adjustments can be done up to 5 times before the hair needs to be replaced. What happens if you don't come in sooner? Your hair is growing from the root and the extensions will have grown out with it. Without timely adjustments this will lead to exposed base, tangles, and/or uncomfortable pulls. Can I color or highlight my hair while wearing these? Yes and no, although not impossible - we will typically remove the extensions first prior to color your hair.

Long Term Hair Extensions

  • Keratin Bond Hair Extensions

Also known as K-Tip Bonds, this is installed by 2 ways; Classic Heat Fusion or Cold Fusion. This method can be worn up to 6 months with proper home maintenance. Clients enjoy this type of hair extension the most due to the convenience of long-term wear without salon maintenance. This type is our most popular offering at INARI but it's important that we find what works best for you. Can I color or highlight my hair while wearing these? Yes! You absolutely can. These bonds are attached to mimic movement of your own natural hair, so the longevity of this type is ideal for a client who limited time to go into the salon.


There are two major comparable factors - and that is cost up front, and duration/frequency of your appointments. For all types of hair extensions other than keratin bonds, the cost up front will include hair and installation, followed by installation cost to adjust every 4-6 weeks. With Keratin Bonds, the up-front cost will include hair and installation - it can be worn for 3- 6 months but once removed, a new set is required to reinstall. The bonds cannot be reused and not recommended to re-install. Overall, it is up to each client to find which methods will work best for them (and their wallet). Most clients enjoy the convenience of saving time and money with less frequent trips and expense of removal/adjustments.

Consultations are required for this method but overall recommend for every type of hair extensions to ensure the hair you want is at the right length, volume, and color.

Companies we use: Great Lengths Hair Extensions, HairTalk, and Bellami

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