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Natural Enhancements with Permanent Makeup

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

Permanent makeup has been around for decades and it seemed to have been an underground secret all this time until now. Today more women are exploring the option of permanent makeup to enhance their own natural features, such as their eyes, lips, and eyebrows. In this post, I'll explain the difference between microblading and permanent makeup, various techniques for a custom look, and the top notch service provided at INARI Salon and Spa. If you have been through our list of services, you'll see the options available for eyebrows, eyeliner, lips, and even beauty marks. When people ask, "isn't it just a tattoo?". Yes, and no, because it is cosmetic and your face is the forefront of what people see everyday there is no hiding mistakes. Shape, technique, anesthesia, comfort, long-term results, and color is all part of the formula when we consult with clients here at INARI Salon and Spa.

Like all tattoos, fading is inevitable. The results right after the procedure is often darker than expected but it fades by 50-60% after 10 days leaving a color that will last 2-5 years. Some clients choose to come back for a complimentary touch-up without 2 months to darken or fill in more lines if necessary. Otherwise, for someone like me I like a natural faded look but both my eyeliner and eyebrows still look defined after 12 years of my first procedure by Mai at INARI Salon and Spa. I love that each client truly has a customize service that goes with her own individuality, style, and look. No two people are the same, but everyone deserves quality to look and feel good.

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